Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Since September of 2001 the secret "FISA" courts have rejected a total of 4 warrants.  This court is set up for the special purpose of issuing warrants for top secret searches and covert, in country, recon.  So, one has to ask, is this a rubber stamp court?  Do they simply accept everything that comes through the door?  Or have they made it know to those asking that bad warrants will not be accepted?  Seeing that this is a "Secret" court....(the thought of which makes my inner patriot shiver) we'll probably never know.  But if we look at the behavior of the security branches of the Government we _do_ know about...things to NOT look good.

"Checks, here's 20$, the big kids need to talk, why don't you and balances go see wild hogs" -John Oliver, The Dail show.


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