Sunday, August 5, 2007

I've had it.

When the Democratic congress was elected I had some hope that they would restore sanity to the police state this country is becoming. I was wrong. Those bunch of worthless assholes have just signed away the 4th amendment to the constitution. The Bush administration can now, with the blessing of the congress, wiretap American communications into and out of the country without a warrant.
From the ACLU:
“That a Democratically-controlled Senate would be strong-armed by the Bush administration is astonishing. This Congress may prove to be as spineless in standing up to the Bush Administration as the one that enacted the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act.”
Every Senator from California, if they voted for it, just lost my support. In fact, I'll donate money to whoever runs against them next time they're up for election. Of would help if they would tell us who the hell voted for it.
While the House of Representatives' website gives details of how each member voted, the Senate website just displays the message "Results of roll call votes are published here approximately an hour after they have been announced." even though the vote took place more than two days ago.
This is un-fucking-believable. Write your senators and representatives. Ask them why the Constitution isn't important anymore.....

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