Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's looking like she's done..

It seems, at last, that sun sun is setting on the Clinton campaign. Major news outlets seem to have caught on, many referring to Obama as the presumptive nominee. At this point, I can't fault them...She's behind in money, votes, pledged delegates, and super-duper-delegates. It's pretty much his to loose at this point.

For those of you who see this as a hope for America...that a brilliant black man could be the Democratic nominee...should hold on to your pom-poms a little longer. Wait until you see what the Republican smear machine will trott out against him this fall.
Expect them to appeal to Rascism (Wright) challenge his Patiotism (his refusal to wear a flag pin) smear him as a radical Muslim (there were large numbers of emails circulating to this effect months ago) and any other filth, slime, and vile they can dredge out of their soulless, overpaid, thinktanks.

I'm not kidding. You think the swiftboating of Kerry was bad? You just wait until they come for Obama. Because this time, they're desperate. Having lost the house and the senate...facing even greater losses in both houses this go-round, they have nothing to loose.

Get your bullshit hats on ladies and gentlemen. It's about to start raining nut-job Theocon Pseudo-Republican talking points.

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cdemaine said...

"soulless, overpaid, thinktanks"

You've just described my dream job.