Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our last day in paradise

Since I know many of you have been plotting my death for the past week while looking at the photos I've been posting, it should come as a relief to many of you that today is our last day in paradise. It's been staggeringly beautiful...even this morning during a downpour:

I hope both of you have enjoyed the pictures, rants, and scenery posted here. I return to SF tomorrow and will return to my regularly scheduled hardly-ever blogging.

Since I took a picture from this spot on arrival, it made sense to post one taken from the same spot upon departing.

Aw Christ, there's even a rainbow on the left side I hadn't seen until just now.

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darkhaze said...

It looks very dry except where folks have dumped water on the ground.
Yes, envy is difficult to handle. We'll just have to go there and see the sights for ourselves (smiles for two people you know).