Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm here to end the debate

There seems to be a raging debate over the firing of several federal prosecutors. Democrats charge that they were fired for political reasons. The White House can't seem to figure out why they were fired. First it was for performance problems, next it was the lunar phase, finally, it was because "They server at the pleasure of the president."
I'm happy to say that I can end the debate. Right now. I'll use real simple logic because the news media seems not to understand anything larger than a 10 word sound-bite.

1) Democrats want emails from the White-House about the firing.
2) White-House says it cannot produce them. The emails were deleted from a Republican party server.
3) Why, you might ask, are white house staff using non-secure republican party email servers instead of the White-House's system? Why might they be violating "
The Presidential Records Act of 1978"?
4) Obviously, says the White-House, we want to avoid violating the "Hatch Act". This act requires that political campaigning not be done with tax-payer funded services.

What happens when we add this up? White-House uses RNC email servers because, from their own mouths, they can't use tax-payer systems for political purposes. Apparently, some emails cannot be produced because they were sent through the RNC system. Therefore, the firings of the prosecutors was political.

I'm glad I could clear that up.


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