Friday, April 20, 2007

Only in America?

After the VT shootings plenty of foreign press let loose a torrent of American-gun-culture bashing.  This particular gem from France is my favorite:

"In France, we say everything ends in song. In the land of John Wayne, Charlton Heston and George Bush, a great partisan of the NRA, everything, individual anger, heartbreak, neighborhood disputes, quarrels between dealers or depression, ends in shootouts. That is why students die on campuses, without anyone, starting with Hillary Clinton, thinking to do anything much about it."
Laurent Offspring, writing in the French newspaper Libération LINK

I'm amazed... this guy makes Fox News look fair and balanced.  Because, you know, every time I get depressed or disagree with someone...I shoot them....and then myself.

It also behooves me to point out that we aren't the only one with mass shootings as the following article points out.  Tidbit:

Last November in Emsdetten, Germany, a teenager shot and wounded more than a dozen persons before killing himself. In 2002 in a school in Erfurt, Germany, a gunman killed 17 people and himself.


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Anonymous Teacher said...

The amount of trash to come out of the whole thing is stunning. Closer to home, Jack Thompson in particular has been a real bastion for clear thought and insightful analysis. As much as I dislike Chris Matthews, I enjoyed watching him smack Thompson around a little bit on Wednesday? Thursday?