Friday, December 21, 2007

Leopard sucks.

I was stupid. I'd read that it was unstable, prone to crashes, and buggy. I was seduced by features I don't even use. I have to plug my laptop into a USB drive to use Time Machine...are you kidding me? Spaces? Reflective Docs? Like some half-wit Apple fanboy I upgraded thinking it wouldn't happen to me.

It has.

I've lost my entire morning to a series of crashes. Every time I try to use the "Disk Utility" to verify my drive the machine soft-locks.
Often when I launch the screensaver it won't come back. I have to hibernate the machine and then wake it up to get my login prompt.
It's pathetic, I haven't seen something this sorry since MacOS 9.0.

Steve Jobs, if you're reading this, I want my money back.


Megan Coleman said...

Thank goodness I read this! I was just thinking about buying Leopard, but not sure how buggy it was. Guess I'll wait a while!

David said...

Did/can you backload the older OSX version?

alban said...

It is april now and we are on 10.5.2 being cautious I waited before I upgraded with a clean install.
Leopard hangs my keyboard and mouse randomly, crashes with kernel panics, hangs the finder, can not read my Sony USB camera, crashed when copying files to my LaCie USB disk. It also randomly sometimes asks me if 'I really want to shut down now' all by itself.
I have never been so disappointed with Apple.

Megan Coleman said...

chris, you still having trouble with leopard? i know a handful of people that don't seem to have trouble with it.